Build It delivers service


BUILD It is a voluntary group of independent retailers specialising in building materials and related hardware. It is a dynamic organisation boasting market leading growth in the hardware and building materials industry.

ALWAYS HELPFUL: Staff at the newly opened Build It in Amalinda are ready to help you with all your building and hardware needs Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

The newly-opened Amalinda Build It in Main Road is owned by Wasief Lagardien who has been in the hardware business for more than 10 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to East London.

Build It’s target market embraces all activity within the building and hardware industry, focusing particularly on the building of the basic urban house, the “township” house, rural housing and all home improvements. This includes a product offering to service the upper Living Standards Measurement Study:

● DIY (Do it yourself)

● BIY (Build it yourself)

● SME’S (Small and medium enterprises)

● Contractors

We aim to provide a full solution to build a home from the foundations to the finishes.